How do I print from Project Central?

The printing option in Project Central will allow you to print what is displayed on the page with several different options. This article describes how to print from Project Central, and the options available. Note that in addition to printing a Gantt chart from Project Central, you can also use the Report Wizard to print a similar report with the advantage of being able to schedule and deliver that report through PowerSteering.

1. Click Print

  • Click the Print button.

2. Select Print Options

Select Print Options

The next few steps will walk you through each of the Project Central print options.

2.1. Expand Options

Expand Options

There are three options for the Expand field:

As displayed: When you select As displayed, you are asking to print only those lines that are currently displayed on the page. This means if you have certain project lines collapsed, and other lines expanded, that is how those lines will appear in the printed page.

Fully expanded: When you select Fully expanded, you are asking to print every project line expanded to its lowest level regardless of how it is displayed on the page. This means if you have certain project lines collapsed, and other lines expanded, the printed page will display every project line in its expanded format.

n levels: When you select n levels, you will receive an additional context sensitive drop down menu that will display the available number of lines in the Gantt chart. For example if your project plan has 5 levels of activity, you will have the option to select to print 1 to 5 levels of activity.

2.2. Display Options

Display Options

There are 8 check boxes that represent different columns that you can display on your printed page. When selected, the data associated with these column headings will display on your printed page regardless of whether or not the column is currently being displayed on the page.

2.3. Truncate Names Option

Truncate Names Option

The Truncate Names option is a yes or no selection. Selecting yes will prompt PowerSteering to shorten the name of the project tasks so that more of the Gantt chart can fit on the page. Select No if you want PowerSteering to display the full name of each project task.

2.4. Period Options

Period Options

The Period options allow you to select a period of time for the Gantt chart display. This can be different than the current time period setting that is displayed on the page. For example you might be displaying a quarterly view in Project Central, but opt to print a Gantt chart that is a daily or monthly view.

2.5. Date Range Options

Date Range Options

The Date Range option allows you to select the period of time that you want to display in your printed page. Use the scroll bar to see more date range options.

Note: When the Period is set to Monthly or Yearly and a Date Range is specified, the whole month or year will print according to the date range. For example, if the Period is set to Yearly, and the Date Range is set to 09/16/16 - 02/01/17, the whole year for both 2016 and 2017 will be included when printing.

2.6. Gantt Objects Options

Gantt Objects Options

The Gantt Objects display option allows you to select the Actual, Scheduled and Baseline items to appear on the printed page.

2.7. Deliverables Options

Deliverables Options

The Deliverables display option allows you to select which items you want to display on your printed page in addition to your project tasks. Your options include displaying any folders, documents and text messages that are associated to your project plan.

2.8. Paper Size Options

Paper Size Options

The Paper Size option allows you to select what size paper you wish to use to format your printed page.

2.9. Font Size Options

Font Size Options

There are 5 font size selections, 8 point through 12 point, for you to select for your printed page.

3. Click Print (PDF)

Click Print (PDF)
  • Click Print (PDF).

4. Select PDF Options

Select PDF Options
  1. Select Open with (Adobe Reader (default) will be displayed.
  2. Select Do this automatically... check box.
  3. Click OK.

5. View Report

  • View your report. Depending on your version of Adobe, at this point you can print, email and / or save this printed report.


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