How do you use the Team Panel?

The Team Panel is the section of Project Central that displays the allocation and availability of users in hours or percent. It is displayed when you select Resource list on the Display menu. This article describes how to use the Team Panel.

1. Click Display

Click Display
  • On the menu bar click Display, select Resource list.

2. View Team Panel

  • View the Team Panel. When first selected the Team Panel will display users in the Name column and their role in the Role column. The Effort and Availability columns show the effort in hours for the user and role on this project and their overall availability in hours across PowerSteering. If a task has not yet been assigned it will be displayed as Unallocated.

Note: You can use the filter tools to change the display from hours of effort and availability to percentages of allocation and availability.

3. Expand Name

  1. Click the plus symbol next to any name in the Team Panel.
  2. View the user's assignments for this project.

4. Change Date Column Size

  1. Place your mouse pointer on the line between any two date columns in the Gantt chart. The pointer will briefly change.
  2. Click and hold to drag and change the size of the date column on the Gantt chart.

Note: The time period displayed in the Gantt chart aligns vertically with the Effort and Allocation displayed in the Team Panel.

5. View Effort and Availability

  • View hours in the Effort and Availability columns.

In the above screen shot we can see the following information for Cindy Cain by looking first at the Name column and then the Role, Effort and Availability columns:

  1. Cindy Cain has the role of a Black Belt on this project for her assigned tasks.
  2. Cindy Cain has 129 hours of availability in February and 108 hours of availability in March.
  3. For the project MP-519-MDM Implementation, Cindy Cain has 7 hours of effort assigned in February and 35 hours of effort assigned in March.
  4. Cindy Cain has 7 hours of effort assigned in the month of February on the task MP-519-Plan.
  5. Cindy Cain has 35 hours of effort assigned in the month of March on the task MP-519-Test / Rework.

Note: Users can have multiple roles on a project.

6. View Unallocated Tasks

  1. Click the plus symbol next to Unallocated in the Team Panel.
  2. View the work items that are not currently assigned.

7. Use Scroll Bar

  • Use the scroll bar under the Effort and Allocation area to display additional time periods for the project plan.


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