How do I recalculate a formula measure?

Formula calculations can be manually recalculated if necessary. There are three different ways to recalculate a measure manually in PowerSteering. This article describes how to recalculate a measure.

1. Recompute Current Value on Data Table

  1. On a measure data table, for any values that are not history data points, click the down arrow next to the data point you want to recalculate.
  2. In the context-sensitive drop-down menu, click Recompute Current Value.

2. Recalculate Specific Measures on the Summary Page

  1. On the Summary page, click Measures to expand the section and view all measures associated with the project.
  2. Select the check boxes next to the measure(s) you want to recalculate.
  3. Click Recalculate.

3. Recalculate All Measures

  • Click the Project button on the Icon Bar, click Measures, select Recalculate all.


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