How do I change what language is used?

On the user Preferences page, the Locale determines the language to use for the labels and text that appear on PowerSteering pages and in emails generated from PowerSteering. If you have more than one locale available to you, can also select a language on the PowerSteering Sign In page. Selecting a different language on the Sign In page will automatically change your locale on your user Preferences page. This article describes how to change what language PowerSteering will use from the Sign In page.

1. Select Language

Select Language
  • Before signing in, select a locale from the drop-down box.

2. View Sign In Page

View Sign In Page
  • The sign in page is now displayed in the selected language.

3. View Homepage

  • After a successful sign in, the labels and text in PowerSteering are displayed in the selected language as well.

4. Click Edit Preferences

Click Edit Preferences
  • Click your name or the triangle to display the Profile Menu, then click Edit Preferences.

5. View Locale

  • Selecting a different locale on the Sign In page will automatically change the Locale on your Preferences page.


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