How do I create a new issue?

An issue is something posing an active problem for a project. Issues can be created independently, or they can be created from discussions or risks. This article describes how to create a new issue independently.

1. Click Issues

Click Issues
  • On the Icon Bar, click the Project button, then click Issues.

Note: Clicking the Project button on the Icon Bar will take you directly to the Summary page of the last work you visited.

2. Click New Issue

  • Click New Issue.

3. Enter Information and Details

  1. Click the Owner drop-down box and search for and select the issue owner in the Owner dialog box.
  2. In the Subject field, type a subject for your issue.
  3. Click Add Documents to attach relevant documents to the issue (optional).
  4. In the Message field, type the body of your issue.
  5. Enter or select additional information as needed.
  6. Click Submit.

Note: When creating or editing an issue, hyperlinks to other issues can be added to make collaboration more efficient and communication more clear. To add a link to another issue (for example, issue #1234) within your issue comment, just add the following markup: [Issue: 1234]. Once your comment is saved, the markup will change to a hyperlink that will take you directly to that issue.

4. View Issue

  • View newly created issue.

Note: When an issue has been created, users within the project will receive an alert in their PowerSteering Inbox. See How do I view a issue in my Inbox? for more information.


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