How do I add estimated costs?

In PowerSteering, a user is able to manually enter line item estimates for a project. This article describes how to add estimated costs.

1. Click Estimated Costs

Click Estimated Costs
  1. Click the Project button on the Icon Bar.
  2. Click Costs to expand the menu, then click Estimated Costs.

Note: Clicking the Project button on the Icon Bar will take you directly to the summary page of the last work you visited.

2. Click Add Estimated Cost

  • Click Add Estimated Cost.

3. Enter Estimated Cost Details

Enter Estimated Cost Details
  1. In the Amount field, enter an amount for your estimated cost.
  2. In the Description field, enter a description of your estimated cost (optional).
  3. The Project drop-down box will default to the current project. If you want the cost applied to a descendant, click the Project drop-down box and select a descendant.
  4. Select an activity for which the estimated cost will be incurred from the Activity drop-down box (optional).
  5. Enter or select additional information as needed.
  6. In the Date field, enter the start date for the cost.
  7. In the End Date field, enter the end date for the cost (optional). If there is a possibility of rates changing over the course of a work item, you may want to use the start and end dates for the estimated cost so that, if the rate does change, the estimate remains as accurate as possible.
  8. Click Add Estimated Cost.
  9. Repeat Step 3 to add more estimated costs to the project.

4. Click Submit Costs

Click Submit Costs
  • Click Submit Costs.

5. View Estimated Costs

  • View newly added estimated cost.


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