How do I import cost data?

The cost import process can be used to bring into PowerSteering information that is stored in a third party program. This article describes how to import a file of cost data into PowerSteering. See the article How do I format a cost import file? for more information on how to create the cost data file.

1. Click Costs

Click Costs
  1. On the Icon Bar click the Review button.
  2. Click Import / Export to expand the menu, then click Costs.

2. Click Browse

Click Browse
  • Click Browse to locate the file you want to upload.

Note: The import file for cost data must be in text (tab delimited) (*.txt) file format.

3. Click Upload & Continue

Click Upload & Continue
  1. Select upload options.
  2. Click Upload & Continue.

What is the default cost type?: This option indicates how PowerSteering should handle a file that does not have a Cost column or a row that has does not have a value in the Cost column.

Template: This option indicates which Cost Loader Template should be used.

Skip file validation step: Before PowerSteering loads the file, it can indicate how many lines of your import file passed or failed the validation test. If the Skip file validation step check box is cleared, you will be able to review how many lines were successful and how many lines failed before you load the file into PowerSteering. If the Skip file validation step check box is selected, the file will import and you will see after it is loaded how many lines failed and how many lines were successful.

4. View File Validation Page

View File Validation Page
  •    View the results of your file import before loading the file to PowerSteering.

Note: If you are viewing this page you have not yet loaded the file to PowerSteering. This page displays the exceptions, if any, that resulted from the import of your file and provides the option to either continue with the import (loading the file into PowerSteering) or canceling the operation. You will not see this page if you have selected the Skip file validation step check box.

5. Correct Errors

Correct Errors
  •    Identify and correct errors before continuing with the import process.

Note: If you have an error in your upload file, and you do not have the Skip file validation step selected, you have the opportunity to correct your errors before any data is loaded into PowerSteering. Data with errors will not be loaded into PowerSteering until corrected.

Click Click Here Link
  • Click the Click here link to return to the first step of the timesheet import process and repeat Steps 2 through 4.

7. Click Continue

Click Continue
  1.    Click Continue to load the file into PowerSteering.
  2.    View the results of the completed upload.

8. View Estimated Costs

View Estimated Costs
  • Navigate to the estimated costs for the project that you specified in your cost data file to view the results of your import.

9. View Actual Costs

View Actual Costs
  • Navigate to the actual costs for the project that you specified in your cost data file to view the results of your import.


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