How do I delete timesheet data?

At times you may find it necessary to delete timesheet information from PowerSteering. This article defines how to filter and then delete information from PowerSteering.

1. Click Timesheets

Click Timesheets
  1. On the Icon Bar click the Review button.
  2. Click Import / Export to expand the menu, then click Timesheets.

2. Click Delete

Click Delete
  • Click the Delete tab.

3. Select Filter Options

The next steps outline the different ways you can further refine the data you want to delete from PowerSteering.

3.1. Select Date

Select Date
  • Click Date, select an option for both fields. These fields provide flexibility to indicate what kind of date you want to select and the time period for the timesheet. For example, you could select to delete all timesheet data that was approved last month.

3.2. Select Upload Filter

Select Upload Filter
  • Click Upload Filter, select an option.

Entered: Represents data that was entered manually through the Timesheet function in PowerSteering.

Uploaded: Represents data that was imported into PowerSteering using the timesheet import function.

Include all: Represents both data entered manually and imported.

3.3. Select Additional Criteria

Select Additional Criteria
  1. Click each field to select additional criteria to further refine the timesheet data to be deleted from PowerSteering.
  2. Click Continue.

4. View Timesheet Records

  • View the records that matched your filter criteria.

5. Select Delete Option

  1. Select Delete selected timesheets or Delete all found timesheets to indicate if you want to further refine what is deleted or continue with a mass delete of all records.
  2. Click Delete.

6. Click Delete

  • Click Delete.

7. View Results

  • View the results after deleting several timesheet records.


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