How do I display work items on the Executive Review?

There are a few different ways to control what information is displayed on the Executive Review. You can select a portfolio of work items that are usually projects or you can select individual work items to display. This article describes how to display work items on the Executive Review.

1. Select Portfolio

Select Portfolio
  • Click Portfolio, select a portfolio from the list.

2. Select Layout

Select Layout
  • Click Layout, select a layout from the list.
  • Click Go.

3. View Executive Review

  • View the Executive Review. By default all of the work items that were part of the selected portfolio will be selected for display.

4. Select Work Items

  • Click the check boxes next to the work item you want to clear or select.

5. Click Refresh

Click Refresh
  1. Click Show all projects on the chart to clear this check box.
  2. Click Refresh.

Note: The Show all projects on the chart check box needs to be cleared if you want to display work items selectively on the chart.

6. View Updated Display

  • View the updated display.


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