How do I save my timesheet without submitting?

If time has been entered into your timesheet but it is not yet ready for submission, it can be saved. Saved timesheets can be edited and submitted for approval at any time. This article describes how to save your timesheet without submitting.

1. Click Timesheets

Click Timesheets
  • Click your name or the triangle to display the Profile Menu, then click Timesheets.

2. Click Save Changes

  1. Click an empty Work Items drop down box.
  2. In the Work Item dialog box, select a work item to apply time to.
  3. Click the Activity drop-down box and select an activity.
  4. Enter hours by typing appropriate values into the date cells.
  5. Click the Description button to add a description to your line item (optional).
  6. Click Save Changes.

3. View Timesheet

  • View saved timesheet.


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