How do I enter time?

Timesheets allow users to enter and submit their time spent on project activities each week. This article describes how to enter time.

Click here to view a brief video tutorial about entering time.

1. Click Timesheets

Click Timesheets
  • Click your name or the triangle to display the Profile Menu, then click Timesheets.

2. Click Work Items Drop-down

  • Click an empty Work Items drop down box.

Note: Work items become part of a predefined list and are automatically added to a timesheet week when either of the following is true:

  • Time was entered for the work item for the previous week.
  • The current user is assigned to a role on a work item that has a Scheduled Start date that falls within the timesheet period AND the work has a status other than Proposed, Canceled, or Deferred. The work must also have Automatic selected as the timesheet option on the Object Type configuration page, and have Allow time entry and Plan Resources set to 'Yes' on the Edit Details page.

3. Enter Time

  1. In the Work Item dialog box, use the My Work, Favorites, Browse, or Search tabs to locate a work item to apply time to.
  2. Click the work item you want to apply time to.
  3. Click the Activity drop-down box and select an activity (optional).
  4. Enter hours by typing appropriate values into the date cells.
  5. Click the Description button to add a description to your line item (optional).
  6. Repeat Steps 1 - 5 to add additional time line items to your timesheet.
  7. Click Save Changes to save a timesheet that is still in progress or click Save & Submit to save a completed timesheet and submit it for approval.

4. View Timesheet

  • View saved timesheet.


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