How do I copy a portfolio?

There are times when you have a portfolio that is very useful but you just wish you could tweak it to change one or two things. Instead of starting over you can copy the existing portfolio and use that as a starting point for your new portfolio. This article describes how to copy an existing portfolio. If you want to create a new portfolio from scratch see the article How do I create a portfolio? for more information.

Click here to view a brief video tutorial about copying portfolios.

1. Click Portfolios

Click Portfolios
  • On the Icon Bar click the Review button, then click Portfolios.

2. Click Copy

Click Copy
  1. Click the triangle next to the portfolio you want to copy.
  2. In the context sensitive drop-down box, click Copy.

3. View Copied Portfolio

View Copied Portfolio
  • View the newly copied portfolio with the word "Copy" at the end. You can now rename and save as a new portfolio.


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