How do I save a Resource Review layout?

Within Resource Review you have the option to create filters and displays that control how and what data is displayed. If you want to reuse a layout in the future you can save it and access it when you return to Resource Review. You can also save a layout and share it with all other Resource Review users. This article describes how to save a layout.

Note: The Default layout is a snapshot of the last layout you used. Changes to the Default layout can be saved; however, when you navigate to another layout, the Default layout will update to reflect the filters on that layout.

1. Click Save Layout

Click Save Layout
  • Click Layout, select Save layout.

2. Click Save

Click Save
  1. Type a name for your new layout.
  2. Click Save.

Display for all users: This option allows you to share your layout with all users of the Resource Review.

Note: You can select Option 1 to overwrite a layout that you saved previously. This will overwrite that layout with the current page configuration.

3. View Layout

View Layout
  • View your newly saved layout.

Note: Layouts that appear above the gray line are shared layouts. Those listed below the gray line are layouts that are only visible to you.


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