How do I assign approval roles?

All phases within a gated project can be marked as requiring or not requiring approval. Roles are mapped to phases which require approval and any user assigned to a role will have approver responsibility for any gate to which the role is mapped. One or more roles can be mapped to gates. This article describes how to assign approval roles.

Note: Approval requirements are defined in the work configuration, but can be overridden on a project-by-project basis.

1. Click Assign Approval Roles

Click Assign Approval Roles
  1. On the Icon Bar, click the Project button.
  2. Click More to expand the menu, then click Assign Approval Roles.

Note: Clicking the Project button on the Icon Bar will take you directly to the Summary page of the last work you visited.

2. Assign Approval Roles

  1. In the Required column, select the check box next to any gate that needs to be required.
  2. In the Approver column, click the drop-down box and select the role(s) that should be assigned as approvers for that gate.
  3. Click Submit.

Note: All gated projects have an attribute called advance on any approval. If advance on any approval is set to ’Yes’, approval from any user in any role mapped to the gate will advance the phase. If advance on approval is set to ’No’, all users assigned to roles mapped to the gate must approve before the phase advances. A gate can be approved if a mapped role has no user assigned, provided that there is a user assigned to at least one role with approver responsibility on the gate.


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