How do I copy or move work?

If you want your work to reside in a different location in the work tree, it can be copied or moved to that location at any time. This article describes how to copy or move work to another location.

Note: When a project is copied to another location, the team members, tags, custom fields, descendants, and documents are copied to the new project. Status reports, issues, risks, action items, metrics, costs, and history are not copied to the new project. Additionally, project ownership is initially assigned to the copy creator and permissions are initially copied from the original. If permissions are inherited and you assign the copied project a new parent, access to the project may change accordingly.

1. Click Copy / Move

  1. On the Icon Bar, click the Project button.
  2. Click More to expand the menu, then click Copy / Move.

2. Click Move

  1. Click the New Location drop-down box.
  2. In the New Location dialog box, use the Browse or Search tabs to select a location for your work to reside.
  3. Click Copy or Move.

3. View Summary Page

  • View the Summary page for the copied or moved work. The parent is now the location you selected.


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