How do I self-register for PowerSteering?

If you have a single sign-on environment (SSO), you may allow users to register for PowerSteering without sending them invitations. This article describes self-registration for PowerSteering.

Note: This option may not be enabled on your site. Please contact your PowerSteering administrator for more information.  

1. Self Registered Users

Self-registration is available on SSO (single sign-on) environments only and allows users, who are authenticated on the network but have not yet been invited to PowerSteering, to enter their basic information to register for PowerSteering. Users that get PowerSteering access through self-registration become members of the Self-Registered group. Permissions for these users are determined by permissions set for the Self-Registered group.

If users are allowed to self-register, the Find A Person screen will have a Self-Registered tab that lists all the users that have self-registered.


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