How do I access Project Central?

Project Central can be used to schedule projects, edit work items in bulk or assign resources. This article describes how you access Project Central in PowerSteering.

1. Locate Project

  • Locate the project for which you want to access Project Central. If you have your project marked as a favorite you can access it faster by making it a Quick Link at the bottom of the Navigation Menu. See the article How do I create a Quick Link from a Favorite? to learn more about creating Quick Links.

Note: To view the most recent project accessed, click the Project button on the Icon Bar.

2. Click Project Central

  • Click Project Central, select a layout from the expanded list.

3. View Project Central

  • View the layout you selected within Project Central. To use more of the screen to view Project Central unpin the Navigation Menu. See the article What does the pin do? to learn how to unpin the Navigation Menu.


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