How do I update a resource assignment for MS Project?

In MS Project you have the ability to add multiple resources to one task line. When that line with multiple entries is imported into PowerSteering they create what is known as a Resource assignment. This lesson covers how to update the allocation for a resource assignment in PowerSteering and export it to MS Project.

1. Navigate to the Summary Page

Navigate to the Summary Page
  1. Log into PowerSteering.
  2. Locate your project in PowerSteering using the Search function or Last Visited link.

2. Open the Project in Project Central Resource Planning

Open the Project in Project Central Resource Planning
  1. Click Project Central to expand the menu, click Resource planning.

3. Update the Allocation for a Resource Assignment

  1. Locate the resource assignment you want to update, click in the % Allocation field and enter a numerical value.
  2. Click Save.

4. Click Project

Click Project
  1. On the Icon Bar, click the Project button, then click More to expand the menu.
  2. Click Export to MSP.

Note: Clicking the Project button on the Icon Bar will take you directly to the Summary page of the last work you visited.

5. Create the XML File

  • Click on the XML project link.

6. Save the XML File

Save the XML File
  1. Select Save File.
  2. Select the Do this automatically for files like this from now on check box.
  3. Click OK.

7. Open the XML File in MS Project

Open the XML File in MS Project
  1. Open MS Project.
  2. Click Open Other Projects.

8. Click Computer

  1. On the Open menu, click Computer.
  2. Click the Browse button.

9. Locate the XML File

Locate the XML File
  1. Change the file extension in the lower right corner to XML Format (*.xml).
  2. Navigate to the folder where the .XML file was saved.
  3. Click on the name of the file when located.
  4. Click Open.

10. Select the Import Mode

Select the Import Mode
  1. Select  As a new project.
  2. Click Finish.

11. Open the Task Information Dialog Box

Open the Task Information Dialog Box
  • Right click on the task line associated with the resource to display the menu, click Information....

12. View the Resources Information

View the Resources Information
  1. Click the Resources tab.
  2. View the updated resource assignment values.


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