How do I import tag data?

The tag import process can be used to bring tag values that are stored in a third party program into PowerSteering. This article describes how to import a file of tag values into PowerSteering. See the article How do I format a tag import file? for more information on creating the file you will need to complete the import process.

1. Create Tag

  • Create the tag that you want to upload values for.

Note: This is an administrator function. See the article How do I add a new tag? for more information.

2. Click Tags

Click Tags
  1. On the Icon Bar click the Review button.
  2. Click Import / Export to expand the menu, then click Tags.

3. Select Options

Select Options
  • Select upload options.

What tag would you like to update?: The name of the tag you want to upload values for.

What to do with missing categories?: Determines how tag values that already exist, but do not exist in the upload file should be handled.

  • Ignore: Existing tag values will be ignored, and will remain as they are.
  • Lock: Existing tag values will be locked.
  • Delete: Existing tag values will be deleted.

4. Click Upload & Continue

Click Upload & Continue
  1. Click Browse to locate the file you want to upload.
  2. Click Upload & Continue.

Note: The import file for tag data must be in text (tab delimited) (*.txt) file format.

5. Preview Upload

  1. Preview your tag value upload. Tag values are shown in a color-coded table indicating which values will be added, removed, changed, or locked.
  2. If no other changes are needed, click Finish & Save!

6. View Tag

  • View newly uploaded tag values.


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