How do I format a tag import file?

PowerSteering’s Tag Import allows you to populate a list of tag values using an upload file from another system. Tag import can also be used to mass lock or re-sequence values for an existing tag. You will start with an Excel spreadsheet and save it in text (tab delimited) (*.txt) file format for uploading. This article describes how to format a tag import file. See the article How do I import tag data? for more information about the steps for completing the import process.

Note: Before importing tag data, you will need to:

  • Create the tags that you want to upload values for.
  • Create a properly-formatted tag load file.

Note: Dependent tags are not supported with the import feature.

See the Excel file attached to this article for an example timesheet import file. Note: Excel files must be saved in text (tab delimited) (*.txt) format before being imported into PowerSteering.

1. Enter Tag Value Data

Enter Tag Value Data
  • Enter import information as needed into the Excel spreadsheet.

Below is a list of the columns that are required to create a tag file. The columns must appear in the order shown here and the upload file should not include a header row to meet the criteria of the tag import file requirements.

The imports do not support special characters. Do not include any special characters, such as tildas, foreign keys, bullets, etc. in import files.

Tag Category: The tag value.

Lock Category: This identifies whether the tag value will be locked when uploaded. Acceptable values are Y, Yes, N, and No.

Parent: For a hierarchical tag, the parent of the tag value. If this column is populated, the parent must be an existing PowerSteering tag value.

Sequence: An integer indicating the value's order in the tag. If left blank, the value will be sorted alphabetically.

2. Save File

  • Save your Excel file using a text (tab delimited) (*.txt) file format.

Note: See the article How do I import tag data? to learn the steps to uploading your newly saved file into PowerSteering.


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