How do I import user data?

The user import process can be used to create new users as a bulk action versus inviting each user individually via the PowerSteering interface. This article describes how to import a file of user data into PowerSteering. See the article How do I format a user import file? for  more information on creating the file you will need to complete the import process.

Note: The user import process can only be used to create new user records. You cannot use the import process to modify an existing user record. Please contact your PowerSteering Customer Success Manager if you have this type of requirement.

1. Click Users

Click Users
  1. On the Icon Bar click the Review button.
  2. Click Import / Export to expand the menu, then click Users.

2. Click Browse

Click Browse
  1. Click Browse, locate the file you want to upload.
  2. Click Import.

Note: The import file for user data must be in text (tab delimited) (*.txt) file format.

3. View Import Results

View Import Results
  • View the results of the user upload. If there were errors the list would appear on this page.

3.1. Troubleshooting Tips

The user import process will stop whenever it encounters data errors such as incorrect column header names, number formats or special characters with the following exceptions for custom fields:

  • Invalid values for menus, checkboxes, and Yes/No fields
  • Text field data that exceeds its maximum length

If the import process encounters either of the two conditions above it will continue loading the data and not provide an error message to the user.

4. View User

View User
  • Navigate to the user record to review the results of your import.


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