How do I edit my alert subscriptions?

The Alert Subscriptions page shows details for all active alert subscriptions that you have. This article describes how to edit your alert subscriptions.

Note: Alert subscriptions are inherited from your overall site settings and then inherited from the template used for your project. If your project was not created from a template your alert subscriptions are inherited directly from your overall site settings.

1. Click Edit Alert Subscriptions

Click Edit Alert Subscriptions
  • Click your name or the triangle to display the Profile Menu, then click Edit Alert Subscriptions.

2. Select Work

Select Work
  • Click the name of the work that you want to edit alert subscriptions for.

3. Edit Alert Subscription

Edit Alert Subscription
  1. Select or deselect check boxes next to alerts to receive or opt out of alert subscriptions.
  2. Click Save Changes to go to the Summary page.

Notify by email: Determines whether you will receive notifications via email. By default, alerts are sent to the PowerSteering Inbox.

Include descendants: Determines whether you will receive notifications from the item's descendants.

Note: Email alerts will not be sent to No Access users or users that have been invited to PowerSteering, but have not yet logged in.


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