How do I add a document to my user profile?

The Documents tab under the User Profile can be used to upload and store documents that are associated with a user, such as certification documents. This article describes how to add a document to your User Profile.

1. Click Profile

Click Profile
  • Click your name or the triangle to display the Profile Menu, then click Profile.

2. Click Documents

  • Click the Documents tab.

3. Click Add New

  • Click Add New.

4. Select File or Enter URL

Select File or Enter URL
  • Click Browse to upload a file or enter a web address in the URL field.

4.1. Enter Document Details (Optional)

Enter Document Details (Optional)
  1. In the Title field, type a title for your document. If a title is not entered, the file name will be used.
  2. In the Description field, type a brief description of the document.
  3. Click Add Document.
  4. Repeat Step 4 to add more documents or URLs to your profile.

5. Click Done

Click Done
  • Click Done to upload all selected documents.

6. View Documents

  • View newly uploaded documents.


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