What does the Report Wizard Type tab do?

The Type tab of the Report Wizard is where you select what kind of report you want to create. By combining one selection from the Category list, and another selection from the Type list, you are setting the foundation for your report that will impact how the report can be formatted and what columns can be selected.

1. Select Category

  • Click to highlight a selection in the Category list.

2. Select Type

  • Click to highlight a selection in the Type list.

3. View Description and Example

  • View the description and example that are displayed once the Category and Type are selected for your report.

Note: When a Type contains 2 different kinds of data, such as Projects/Costs, this indicates that there are 2 levels of reporting data that can be displayed as a sub-report using an option on the Group / Sort tab. When you select a Category and Type combination, the description and example will indicate if a sub-report is an option.

4. Click Continue or Tab

  • Click Continue to go to the Definition tab, or click another tab within the Report Wizard.


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