How do I see which projects need resources?

The bottom section of the Resource Review page is where you can view unstaffed demand. Unstaffed demand is caused when you assign work (effort) to a role. The Resource Review can group demand by roles and then projects, or projects and then roles. This article describes how to view unstaffed demand.

1. Locate Role / Project

  • Locate the role for which you want to view unstaffed demand. You may need to use the scroll bar to see more listings.

The bottom section of the Resource Review lists roles that have been displayed according to how you filtered the page. You can use the Filters menu option to only show a specific roles, resource pools or a portfolio of projects. There are several other fields that can help you limit what is displayed.

Note: This example is showing unstaffed demand grouped by role. You can change the display to show unstaffed demand by project name.  

2. View Summary Level

  • View the summary level of the unstaffed demand effort and availability. You can click the plus sign next to a role to expand the view or click the expand / collapse button to expand all records for all roles.

Note: The range displayed for a role reflects the net availability for that particular role. The lower end of the range is the sum of all user's minimum availability for the role and the higher end of the range is the sum of all user's maximum availability for the role.

3. Click Plus Sign

  • Click the plus sign to view the detailed level information for a specific role whose record has been expanded.

4. Review Role's Effort and Availability

  • View the effort and availability for a specific role by project or project task in this expanded detail view.



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