What is the Resource Review?

The Resource Review page is where you can view and edit the assignments and availability of the users in PowerSteering. There are two sections within the page. The first section lists the resources, their current assignments and their availability. The second section lists the demand for resources by the role and project task. This article describes the Resource Review page and how it can be used.

Click here to view the Resource Management 101 video tutorial.

The Resource Review Page

The Resource Review page is where you can view the assigned effort and available hours for the users in PowerSteering, as well as the projects and roles that are in need of assignment. Below are descriptions for the different items on the Resource Review page. The numbers below correspond to the circle numbers in the screen shot above.

Menu: The menu options for the Resource Review are Layout, Filters, Display and What can I do?. Much like Project Central, you have the ability to create, save and delete layouts that you can reuse. Only difference is that you cannot share layouts between users as you can in Project Central. The Filters menu is where you control what data is displayed for the resource allocation section at the top of the page, and the unstaffed demand section at the bottom of the page. The Display menu is where you control how the information is displayed on the page such as the date range, roles versus projects, thresholds and additional columns. The What can I do is a reference page that provides information on how to use the Resource Review.

Bulk Edit Assignment: This is a bulk action menu for assigning more than one person to a task at one time.

Time Period: This is the period for the Resource Review that is set using the Display menu. You have the option is viewing the data in a daily, weekly or monthly period. Plus you can select a hard coded date range or a rolling period prior and future.

Effort and Availability: This is where you view and edit the effort and availability assignments for a resource, role or project. Effort is the number of hours that are currently assigned or allocated. Availability is the number of hours that a person has open for a work assignment.

Expand / Collapse: This is where you can click to expand or collapse the number of levels that are displayed in the Resource Review.

Resource Allocation: This section of the Resource Review displays the user names and their current assignments.

Allocation Totals: These are the effort and availability totals by period.

Unstaffed Demand: This section of the Resource Review displays the roles and projects where resources are required.

Unstaffed Demand Totals:  These are the effort and availability totals by period.


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