How do I create a Visual Portal?

There are multiple steps to creating a Visual Portal. First you need to create the Visual Portal, providing a name, description and layout information. Then you begin to add individual portlets to build out a specific theme or purpose. This article describes how to create a new Visual Portal and add a portlet.

1. Click Add Visual Portal

Click Add Visual Portal
  • On the Icon Bar click the Review button, then click Add Visual Portal.

2. Create Portal Settings

Create Portal Settings
  1. Click Name, type a name for your Visual Portal.
  2. Click Submit.

Note: Name is the only required field on this page. For more information about the additional fields on the portal settings page see the article How do I manage the Visual Portal properties?

3. Click Menu

Click Menu
  1. Click the triangle next to the name of your Visual Portal.
  2. In the context sensitive drop-down menu, click View.

4. Click Edit Layout

  • Click Edit layout.

5. Click Add Portlet

  • Click Add portlet.

6. Create Portlet Settings

Create Portlet Settings
  1. Click Header, type a name for this individual portlet.
  2. Click Title, type a name for the title of your portlet (optional).
  3. Select a Data source. The page will change based on the data source you select.
  4. Click Submit.

Report: You can select a Report Wizard report and utilize the chart within that report or create your own using the chart settings. Note: Reports from the My Reports folder will only be available if the Visual Portal layout has not been shared with other users.

Dashboard: You can select a portfolio and layout combination to display in a portlet. Once selected you have the option to select a currency, group by and if available, select a sum or count summary.

Measure: You can select a measure to display in a portlet. Once selected you can determine what kind of chart you want to display, set dates and thresholds to control what is displayed.

Executive Review: You can select a portfolio and layout combination to display in a portlet. Once selected you have the option to select a different currency for the display.

Note: You may need to set or modify additional settings depending on the Data Source selected.

7. Click Save Changes

  • Click Save Changes.

8. View Portlet

  1. View newly created portlet.
  2. Return to Step 4, Click Edit Layout, to add more portlets to your Visual Portal.


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