How do I add a comparison portfolio?

Portfolio comparisons enables Portfolio Managers to view and/or make changes to two portfolios, side by side, for comparison purposes. With this feature, the dashboard view can be split into two halves, each showing a portfolio. All the Dashboard tools are available in each side of the view. If you have charts enabled they will also be visible at the top of each dashboard.This article describes how to add a comparison portfolio.

1. Click Dashboard

Click Dashboard
  • On the Icon Bar click the Review button, then click Dashboard.

2. Click The Plus Sign Button

  1. Ensure that you have the portfolio and layout you want to compare displaying on your Dashboard.
  2. Click the plus sign button.

3. Click Go

  1. From the Layout drop-down menu, select the layout you want to use for the comparison portfolio.
  2. From the Portfolio drop-down menu, select the portfolio you want to use for comparison.
  3. Click Go.

4. View Comparison Portfolio

  • The selected layout/portfolio displays as a second pane on the Dashboard. All of the Dashboard analysis tools are available in comparison mode.


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