How do I turn on Portfolio Planning?

Portfolio Planning allows a user to manipulate the portfolio mix directly within the Dashboard. This tool can be particularly useful when used in conjunction with portfolio comparisons to view different configurations of the same portfolio side by side for planning and optimization purposes. This article describes how to turn on Portfolio Planning.

1. Click Dashboard

Click Dashboard
  • On the Icon Bar click the Review button, then click Dashboard.

2. Click Turn on Portfolio Planning

  1. Click Portfolio.
  2. In the context sensitive drop-down menu, click Turn on portfolio planning.

Note: The Portfolio menu will only be available if you are an Administrator, the owner of the selected portfolio, or a sharee of the selected portfolio where the "Editable by sharees" check box has been selected in the portfolio settings.

3. View Portfolio Planning Columns

  • The portfolio planning columns are now visible in the Dashboard.

Satisfies portfolio filters: A check mark in this column indicates that the work satisfies all portfolio filters.

Explicitly included in portfolio: A green plus sign in this column indicates that the work has been added to the portfolio.

Explicitly excluded from portfolio: A red X in this column Indicates that the work has been excluded from the portfolio.


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