How do I assign people to roles?

A project team is composed of various roles to which users can be assigned. Roles are defined by project type and include Owners, Executive Sponsors, Financial Reps, Team Members, and other custom roles created by your PowerSteering Administrator. The ability to add or remove users is defined by your user permissions. This article describes how to assign people to roles.

1. Assign Users to Roles

  1. Click the Suggestions hyperlink for a list of users that are assigned to work above the current work item in the work tree or in the Find field, enter one or more letters of the user's name, then click Go.
  2. From the results list, select the user and drag and drop their name onto the appropriate role in the middle section.

Note: Once the changes have been saved, team members that were assigned to a role will receive a notification in their PowerSteering Inbox.  See the article How do I access and manage questions / notifications? for more information.

See the article What is a Role? for more information regarding roles.


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