How do I create an idea?

An idea is a noteworthy thought for later consideration. Ideas can be submitted for review and can subsequently be approved and converted into a project at any time. This article describes how to create an idea.

Click here to view a brief video tutorial about creating ideas.

Note: Idea is a replaceable term in PowerSteering. Your organization may use a different label to represent ideas on your site.

1. Click Idea

Click Idea
  • On the Icon Bar click the Add button, then click Idea.

Note: Ideas can only be submitted if an idea hopper has been configured.

2. Select a Category

Select a Category
  1. Select a category from the Choose a Category drop-down menu.
  2. Click OK.

Note: Categories represent available Idea Hoppers which are defined by PowerSteering Administrators.

3. Enter Idea Name and Objective

  1. In the Work Request Name field, type a name for your idea.
  2. Type a brief description of your idea in the Objective field (optional).

4. Enter Idea Details

  • Complete the idea details form.

Note: This form will vary depending on how the template has been defined.

5. Attach Documents (Optional)

  • Click Add New.

5.1. Select Relevant Documents

Select Relevant Documents
  1. In the Add Documents dialog box, click Browse... to choose a file, or type in a URL location.
  2. Enter Title and Description if necessary.
  3. Click Add Document.
  4. Repeat Steps 1 - 3 to add additional documents or URLs to the idea.

5.2. Click Done

Click Done
  • Click Done.

6. Submit Idea

  • Click Submit.

7. View Idea

  • Click View to view the Summary page for your idea.


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