How do I move an item in the Work Tree?

The Work Tree is a visual representation of your company, and like all companies things shift and move. When that happens you can move items, and all the descended items, from one location to another very easily. This article describes how to move an item in the Work Tree.

1. Click Work Tree

Click Work Tree
  • On the Icon Bar click the Project button, then click Work Tree.

2. Locate Item

Locate Item
  1. Locate and then click to select the item you want to edit.

3. Click More

Click More
  • Click More to expand the menu, click Copy / Move.

Note: You may need to use the scroll bar to find the More menu link.

4. Click New Location

  • Click New Location to display the Work Tree.

5. Select New Location

Select New Location
  1. Navigate the Work Tree to the area where you want to move your item.
  2. Click to select the new location for your item.

Note: Locations that are not legal parents for the item you are moving will not appear as hyperlinks.

6. Click Move

  • Confirm location is correct, click Move.

7. Click Work Tree

Click Work Tree

8. View Update

View Update
  • View the item's new location in the Work Tree.


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