How do I edit an item in the Work Tree?

Your Work Tree is meant to reflect your company, and companies are always changing. For that reason when your company changes, your Work Tree must change along with it. Updates to company, division, plant or business unit names are very easy to complete. This article describes how to edit items in your Work Tree.

1. Click Work Tree

Click Work Tree
  • On the Icon Bar click the Project button, then click Work Tree.

2. Locate Item

Locate Item
  1. Locate and then click to select the item you want to edit.

3. Click Edit

  • Click Edit.

4. Click Name

  1. Click Name, type the new name for your item.
  2. Click Save Changes.

5. Click Work Tree

Click Work Tree
  • Click Work Tree.

6. View Update

View Update
  • View the updated information in the Work Tree.

Note: Changing the name of an item in the Work Tree will update it throughout PowerSteering and be reflected in any historical reporting. For example if you had an organization in your Work Tree called HR, and then you updated it to Human Resources, you will no longer see HR anywhere in PowerSteering. Even if you run a report for activities that happen during the time when the organization was called HR, you will only see Human Resources. The only caveat to making this a seamless change is ensuring that you do not have any hard coded values in third party Advanced Reports that would fail when run against the updated database.


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