What is a proxy user?

A proxy user is someone that signs in as themselves and, once signed in, assumes the identity of another user, the master user. This article describes the proxy user.

Note: Proxy User and Master User are both replaceable terms in PowerSteering. Your organization may use different labels to represent the proxy and master user relationship on your site.

1. The Proxy User

The Proxy User

The proxy user allows a user to designate someone to act on his/her behalf while the user is on vacation or otherwise unable to sign in for a given period of time. A proxy user may also be used by an Administrator in order to troubleshoot issues, or by someone working as a user's assistant. Once signed in as the master user, the proxy user will have the same access and permissions that the master user would have. All actions taken by the proxy user on behalf of the master user will appear in the history as "<proxy user name> acting on behalf of <master user name>".

Note: When acting as a proxy, the user will be able to do anything the master user would be able to do, except change usernames and passwords.


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