How do I invite or create a new user?

Any PowerSteering user with the appropriate permissions can invite a new user to use the program. The invitee receives an email with a link allowing a new user to set up a PowerSteering profile. This article describes how to invite / create a new user to PowerSteering.

Click here to view a brief video tutorial on creating a new user.

1. Click User

Click User
  • On the Icon Bar click the Add button, then click User.

2. Enter User Information

  1. Click all required fields and enter information. Required fields are denoted with a red dot.
  2. Click Groups, select the check box(es) indicating which group(s) this user should belong to.
  3. Click Home Page, select the home page for this user.
  4. Click Message, enter text that will be included in the email notification to the user.

Note: To create a No-Access user select the No access check box at the top of the screen. No Access users cannot log into or receive email from PowerSteering, or have any workflow responsibilities.

3. Enter Localization Information

Enter Localization Information
  1. Click Locale, select the language used in the area of the world where the user works.
  2. Click Time Zone, select the time zone used in the area of the world where the user works. The time zone will default to the profile of the person that is creating the new user record.
  3. Click Calendar, select the language used in the area of the world where the user works. If you are doing resource planning, this will impact how this user is scheduled on projects and tasks.

Note: The information under the Localization section of this form can be edited by the user once they are in PowerSteering.

4. Enter Custom User Information

Enter Custom User Information
  • Enter data as needed.

Note: The fields in this section of the Invite New User page can be customized to capture your specific user information.

5. Select User Roles

  1. Click the Add role link.
  2. Click Role, press and hold your mouse to review and select from the Role list.
  3. Click Pool, select the check box(es) for the pool(s) for this role for this user.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 to add additional roles to this user's profile.

Note: You will only see the Add Role option if Resource Planning is enabled for your site.

6. Click Invite

Click Invite
  • Click Invite, view success message at the top of the Invite / Create New User page.

Note: If you are inviting a new user with an email invitation they will create their own password. If you are creating a new user, and will forward the PowerSteering site link, you will also need to send them their user name and password which will need to be set in their user profile. See the article How do I set or change a user's password? for more information.


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