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How do I edit permissions for the Important Links Folder?

The Important Links Folder is a special folder included on all sites. If you do not change the permissions to the Important Links Folder, then the default permissions for work are applied. The "View Documents" project task permission gives access to view and download a document or view a hyperlink. Since all sites are configured differently, it is possible that your site allows by default "Everybody" core set to view documents, or your site's default permissions may be more restrictive; therefore, some sites may require Important Links folder permissions to be adjusted, while other sites may not. This article describes how to edit permissions for the Important Links Folder.

Note: The steps in this article are to give users permission to view the links listed as "Important Links". If a user can see the names of the links but upon clicking the link cannot access the object the link is supposed to navigate to (i.e., organization, folder, project), permissions for that particular object may need to be adjusted.

1. Locate Important Links Folder

  1. Type "Important Links" in the Quick Search.
  2. From the list of results, select Important Links Folder.

2. Click Edit Permissions

  1. On the Icon Bar, click the Project button, then click More to expand the menu.
  2. Click Edit Permissions.

3. Review Core Sets/Custom Sets

  1. Review the Core Set and Custom Sets and modify them if needed.
  2. Click Save.

Note: For example, if you need everyone to view these links, change the "Everybody" core set from "None" to some other category that includes ability to View Documents. If you only need certain groups or individual users to view these links, set "Everybody" to "None" and then add custom sets and assign a permission category to each.


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