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What are the settings on the workflow configuration page?

The settings on the workflow configuration page define pieces of the advanced worfkflow process. This article describes the settings on the workflow configuration page.

Note: Workflow routing designs and rules that PowerSteering uses to create and assign action items are not visible in PowerSteering.  For change requests related to the workflow configuration, please contact your PowerSteering Customer Service Manager.

1. Connection Settings

  • The Connection settings Section displays the configuration settings between PowerSteering and the worfklow and cannot be edited.

2. Workflow File Cabinet and Object Type Associations

 The Workflow File Cabinet and Object Type Associations section displays worfklow processes that are tied to workflow enabled PowerSteering objects and work templates associated with those objects.

  1. From the Object type drop-down menu, select the object type or template you want to configure workflow for.  
  2. From the Workflow file cabinet drop-down menu, select the worfklow file cabinet you want to use.
  3. From the Workflow drop-down menu, select the workflow process you want to use.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Repeat Steps 1 - 4 to add associate workflows with additional objects or templates.

Object type: Object types and work templates that can have workflow processes tied to them. All object types that have 'Is workflow' enabled and work templates associated with those object types will appear in this drop-down menu.

Workflow file cabinet: Workflow file cabinets contain workflow fields that correspond with PowerSteering workflow fields. Workflow Manager pushes data into these workflow file cabinets. Workflow cabinets are created outside of PowerSteering. 

Workflow: The workflow process associated with the selected Workflow file cabinet. There may be more than one workflow process for a given workflow file cabinet. Workflow processes are created outside of PowerSteering.

3. Field Mappings

  • The Field Mappings section is where workflow fields within the selected workflow file cabinet are matched up with PowerSteering attributes that are passed as fields for workflow routing. Hover over the yellow underline to view the available PowerSteering fields. It is important that the names and attributes of tags and custom fields used for workflow are not changed.


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