How do I create a chart from a report?

Administrators are able to create and maintain a library of pre-defined charts that can be used for Dashboard layouts. Data for charts can be derived from four different places: reports, Dashboard layouts, Measures, and Executive Reviews. This article describes how to create a chart from a report.

Note: It is critical that the reports you select to pair with a dashboard chart are defined by a portfolio, not the work tree or work types.

1. Click Charts

Click Charts
  1. On the Icon Bar click the Admin button.
  2. Click Configuration to expand the menu, then click Charts.

2. Click Add New

  • Click Add new.

3. Enter Chart Details

  1. Enter a title for the chart.
  2. Enter a description for the chart.
  3. Select Report as the Data source.
  4. Select a report from the context sensitive drop-down menu.
  5. If available, select the check box to use the chart defined in the selected report or specify chart options to set up your chart. See the article What does the Chart tab do? for more information about chart options.
  6. Click Submit.

Title: A title for the chart. The title is displayed at the top of the chart.

Description: Text that describes the chart's purpose.

Data source: Select a data source to define where your chart will derive data from.

Report: Select a public report to use as the data source for your chart.

Use chart defined in the report: Select this check box to use the chart already configured for the report. Note: This option will not be available if a chart was not configured for the report on the Chart tab of the Report Wizard.

4. View Chart

  • View newly created chart in the charts list. Once a chart has been created here, it can be added to a new or existing Dashboard layout. See the article How do I add a new Dashboard layout? for more information.

5. View Chart

  • View newly created chart on the Dashboard.


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