How do I delegate the owner of a metric template?

After a metric template has been created, ownership can easily be re-assigned to another PowerSteering user. This article describes how to delegate the owner of a metric template.

1. Click Metrics

Click Metrics
  1. On the Icon Bar click the Admin button.
  2. Click Templates to expand the menu, then click Metrics.

2. Select Metric Template

  • Click the name of the metric template you want to change the owner of.

3. Click Edit

  • Click Edit.

4. Click Delegate Owner

  • Click the Delegate Owner tab.

5. Delegate Owner

  1. In the Search box, type your search criteria.
  2. Click Search.
  3. In the Available Owners List, click the Delegate button next to the user you want as the owner of the metric template.

6. Click Submit

  • After an owner has been delegated, click Submit.

7. View Owner

  • View newly delegated metric template owner.


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