How do I recalculate a metric template?

After you have introduced changes that might affect worksheet data such as adding or modifying a formula or changing defaults, the worksheets associated with the metric template may need to be recalculated. If Needs Recalculation displays next to the name of a metric template, or if recalculation is recommended on the metric template's Summary tab, it is important that you initiate the recalculation process. This article describes how to recalculate a metric.

Note: If a large number of worksheets use the metric template, the recalculation process can require several hours to complete.

1. Click Start Recalculation

2. Recalculation from Metric Template List

  • Click Needs Recalcuation.

2.1. Click Start Recalculation

  • Click Start Recalculation.

2.2. Confirm Recalculation

Confirm Recalculation
  • Click OK.

2.3. View Recalculation Results

  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen to view results of the recalcuation.

3. Recalculation on Summary Tab

  • On the metric Summary tab, click Start Recalculation.

Recalculate Fully despite of locked periods: If selected, all metric worksheets, including those with locked periods, will be recalculated.

3.1. View Progress

  • View the recalculation progress bar.

Note: The metric template cannot be edited while the recalculation process is in progress.

3.2. View Metric Summary

  • View updated metric summary.


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