How do I edit a metric template settings?

The metric template Summary tab provides a high-level view of template settings. These settings can be edited when necessary. This article describes how to edit metric template settings.

1. Click Metrics

Click Metrics
  1. On the Icon Bar click the Admin button.
  2. Click Templates to expand the menu, then click Metrics.

2. Select Metric Template

  • Click the name of the metric template that you want to edit.

3. Click Edit

  • Click Edit.

4. Edit Settings

  1. Select the Basic Info, Display or View tabs to edit template settings.
  2. Edit settings as necessary.
  3. Click Submit.

For more information about the Delegate Owner and Team Members tabs, see the How do I change the owner of a metric template? and How do I edit metric template team members? articles.

5. View Metric Template

  • View newly edited metric template.


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