How does the Due Date Reminder Agent work?

The Due Date Reminder Agent sends reminder Inbox notifications to a work item's owner a configurable number of days before the item's planned end date. It will continue to send duplicate questions until the due date passes, or until the owner acknowledges the notifications. This article describes how to use the Due Date Reminder Agent.

1. Click Agents

Click Agents
  1. On the Icon Bar click the Admin button.
  2. Click Configuration to expand the menu, then click Agents.

2. Click Due Date Reminder

  • Click the Due Date Reminder hyperlink.

3. Click Remind Users of Due Date

  • Click the Remind Users of Due Date hyperlink.

4. Click Edit

  • Click Edit.

5. Edit Agent Task Details

  1. Edit agent task details.
  2. Click Submit.

Agent Task: The name of the task.

Is Active: Specifies whether the task is enabled.

Interval: Specifies how often the task runs.

Oldest Log Age: Specifies how long to retain agent task log entries.

First Run Time: Specifies the task's first run time.

Next Run Time: Specifies the task's next scheduled run time.

Expiration Date: Specifies when the task expires (if at all).

Parameters: Options specific to each agent task.

  • Number of Days Before Work is Due to Begin Reminding User: Specifies the number of days before an item's due date that Inbox notifications will start being sent.

6. View Task

  • View agent task.

7. Example Notification

  • Above is an example Inbox notification generated by this agent.


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