What are the PowerSteering security parameters?

There are several security options that can only be configured / enabled by the PowerSteering team. This article describes the PowerSteering Security Parameters.

1. Security Parameters

The following security options are available on your site:

  • Users cannot request a temporary password from the sign in page.
  • An account is locked after a certain amount of failed attempts.
  • A user's password can not be the same as their username.
  • A user's password expires after an established number of days. Note: The password expiration date is calculated by following formula: expire_date = password_change_date + max_age_days and the password expiration notification date is calculated by the following formula: notify_date = expire_date - notify_days.
  • A user's account expires on a select future date.
  • Recycling of passwords is limited.


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