What is an alternative calendar?

By default the calendar that is available in PowerSteering is a Gregorian calendar that shows the dates and months as they occur naturally. However some companies prefer to manage their accounting using alternative methods of counting days and months. For example some companies might use 13 month-long periods of 28 days each so no month has more days than another. Another example is to manage their accounting using 4 equal 13-week quarters. These alternatives to the Gregorian calendar allow for better period-by-period comparisons because periods are more regularized. One of the drawbacks to using these kinds of alternatives, particularly the 13-week quarters, is that every few years the 13-week calendar needs to have an extra week such as when the final month has 4 days to carry into the next month. For period-to-period comparisons, some companies ignore the first week of the 53-week year, others ignore the last week.

1. Metric Alternative Calendars

The Alternative Calendar can be accessed in the Admin Navigation Menu. Companies that do not have an alternative calendar loaded will not see this listed as a menu option. Alternative calendars can only be added to your site by a PowerSteering team member.


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