How do I add exchange rates to a table?

If you have enabled exchange rates for your PowerSteering site, you now have the ability to create multiple exchange rate tables. Once created you can display multiple exchange rates in dashboards and include multiple exchange rates in reports. This article describes how to add individual rates to the exchange rate table.

Note: A PowerSteering team member must enable exchange rates for your site AND the ability to have multiple exchange rates before you can use this feature.

1. Click Exchange Rates

Click Exchange Rates
  1. On the Icon Bar click the Admin button.
  2. Click Configuration to expand the menu, then click Exchange Rates.

Note: The exchange rate and multiple exchange rate features must be enabled by a PowerSteering team member.

2. Click Add Exchange Rates

  1. Select the exchange rate table you want to add exchange rates to from the Table drop-down menu.
  2. Click Add Exchange Rate.

3. Enter Exchange Rate Information

Enter Exchange Rate Information
  1. Enter exchange rate information.
  2. Click Add Exchange Rate.

Currency: The currency for the exchange rate.

Start Period: The start date for the exchange rate.

Rate: A numerical rate which specifies the rate used to convert from the default context currency to each of the other currencies. PowerSteering divides for the conversion; therefore, for the exchange rate above, 1 USD would equal 0.88 Euros.

Active: Selecting this option indicates that this rate can be used in PowerSteering.

Add to all tables: Selecting this option will add the newly added rate to all exchange rate tables.

4. View Rate

  • View the newly added rate.


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