How do I configure search synonyms?

In order to improve PowerSteering search results, administrators can create sets of search synonyms. If a user searches for one of the synonyms, the system will automatically search for all synonyms in that set, giving the user logical search hits that they might otherwise not have received. This article describes how to configure search synonyms.

1. Click Search Synonyms

Click Search Synonyms
  1. On the Icon Bar, click the Admin button.
  2. Click Configuration to expand the menu, then click Search Synonyms.

2. Enter Search Synonyms

  1. Enter search synonyms.
  2. Click Save.

3. View Confirmation Message

  • View confirmation message.

Note: After updating the list of search synonyms, the Reindex Basic Search agent needs to run before the changes will take effect. See the article What agents are available in PowerSteering? for more information on the Reindex Basic Search agent.

4. Enter Search Criteria

Enter Search Criteria
  • In the Search box, when the term "repair" is entered, items that contain the word "maintenance" are also returned as results since the two terms are part of a search synonym set.  


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