How do I delete a Home Page configuration?

If you no longer need a Home Page configuration or have inadvertently created one, it can be deleted. Once deleted, the Home Page configuration cannot be restored, it must be recreated. This article describes how to delete a Home Page configuration.

Note: When a Home Page configuration is deleted, users that have been assigned that configuration will continue to see their Home Page based on that configuration until they either edit their Home Page layout or are assigned a new Home Page configuration.

1. Click Home Page

Click Home Page
  1. On the Icon Bar click the Admin button.
  2. Click Configuration to expand the menu, then click Home Page.

2. Click Delete

  • Click the delete button next to the Home Page configuration you would like to delete.

3. Confirm Delete

Confirm Delete
  • Click Ok.

4. View Home Page Configurations

  • View updated Home Page configurations list.


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