How do I add a new idea hopper?

Idea hoppers allow PowerSteering and unlicensed users the ability to submit new ideas for consideration. Those new ideas can be routed to a specific location in the work tree, or you can use the formula builder to create a more advanced routing. Having multiple idea hoppers allows you to have different forms for those ideas. Each idea hopper you configure is added to the list of idea categories that can be selected when a new idea is submitted. This article describes how to add a new idea hopper.

Note: Idea and Idea Hopper are replaceable terms in PowerSteering. Your organization may use a different label to represent ideas on your site.

1. Click Idea Hoppers

Click Idea Hoppers
  1. On the Icon Bar click the Admin button.
  2. Click Configuration to expand the menu, click Idea Hoppers.

2. Click Add New

  • Click Add New.

3. Enter Idea Hopper Details

  1. Enter Idea Hopper details.
  2. Click Add.

Name: A name for the idea hopper that identifies the type of ideas that should be submitted under this hopper.

Type: Specifies what type of basic item the idea hopper is. Note: This list contains all object types that have the option "Idea" selected in the configuration settings.

Location: The location where ideas should be routed. The parent of the idea in the Work Tree.

  • Specific location...: Select a specific location in the Work Tree that will serve as the parent for all new ideas submitted through this hopper. Only hoppers with a Specific Location set will be available to submitters that are not logged into PowerSteering.
  • Submitter’s default location: With this option, a new idea submitted through this hopper will be stored under the default location of the user creating it, provided that the user’s default location is a valid parent for the idea type.
  • Custom...: This option allows administrators to create a custom formula using Formula Builder to return a single work item. This work item will serve as the parent for new ideas submitted through this hopper, provided that the work item is a valid parent for the idea type.

Owner: Search for and select the user that should be responsible for ideas submitted to this hopper. This is important for external idea submissions.

Behavior: Select Automatically request approval upon idea submission to have the idea automatically sent for approval once it is submitted.  If this is not selected, the user that submits the idea will have to request approval for the idea after it has been submitted.

4. View Idea Hoppers

  • View newly created idea hopper.


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