How do I create a role?

For the Project Tasks permission target, Administrators can expand the list of roles by creating additional custom roles. This article describes how to create a role.

Note: This permission target is named the same as the original non-gated object and may differ depending on your site's configuration.

1. Click Defaults

Click Defaults
  1. On the Icon Bar click the Admin button.
  2. Click Permissions to expand the menu, then click Defaults.

2. Click Add Role

  • Click Add role.

3. Enter Role Information

Enter Role Information
  1. Enter role information.
  2. Click Save.

Sequence: A number that defines where the role will appear in relation to other roles. If left blank, the role will be sorted alphabetically. Note: The role sequence defined here is pervasive across other parts of PowerSteering.

Name: The name of the role.

Plural Name: The plural name of the role which appears whenever users are being assigned to work, or when all members assigned to work are displayed.

Description: Text that describes the role's purpose (optional).

Works: Select the work type(s) to which the new role will apply.

Show on summary page: If selected, a list of this role’s members will appear on the work summary page.

4. View Role

  • View newly created role.


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