How do I delete a tag?

If you no longer need a tag or have inadvertently created one, it can be deleted. Once deleted, the tag and all data associated with the tag will be deleted and cannot be restored. This article describes how to delete a tag.

1. Click Tags

Click Tags
  1. On the Icon Bar click the Admin button.
  2. Click Configuration to expand the menu, then click Tags.

2. Click Delete

  • Click the delete button next to the tag you want to delete.

Note: If a tag is associated with a condition, it cannot be deleted.

Note: There are several tags that can not be deleted from PowerSteering. These can be modified, but their usage within PowerSteering is fixed:

  • Activity: Used in timesheets and cost/budget management to categorize project costs and user time.
  • ActivityType: Used within resource planning for the purposes of categorizing activities.
  • Champion_Roles: Used in the Team Members page to capture each Champion’s role on a project.
  • Measure Template Categories: Used to facilitate the organization and maintenance of measure templates. The categories will appear as tag options when a user creates a new measure template for the Measure Library.
  • Similar Projects Filter: Used to find similar projects, which are listed in the Similar Projects section of each project’s Summary page.
  • Roles: Used in the Team Members page to capture each team member’s role on a project. This special tag allows a fixed number of roles to be selected. From the Team Member’s Role page, an "Other" option exists at the bottom of the pull-down to allow a manually entered role.

3. Confirm Delete

Confirm Delete
  • Click Yes.

4. View Tags

  • View updated tags list.


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